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Full Coverage is NOT REAL

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Full coverage is not real... you can NOT buy full coverage ??? What!?!?

Full coverage can mean different things to each person. A salad makes me full but my husband is not Full until he eats steak, potatoes and a slice of cheese cake, LOL.

Guys... Would you go to the beach in a speedo? Some men think that's full coverage, others might NOT.

I think you are getting the picture. Full coverage is a general term and should not be used.

Dust off your policy and check out your current coverages. Here are a list of coverage and what it protects. Call me if you need to update your policy!!

Mandatory to Register a car in the state of Florida

Property Damage- Third party property damage (car, fence, mailbox etc. ) PIP - personal injury protection ( bodily injury to you or household family)

Optional coverage ....

Bodily Injury- Third party bodily injury (if you hurt someone other then you or your household)

Optional Coverage

Collision- covers your vehicle regardless of fault.

Comprehensive- covers your vehicle for vandalism, theft, and animal damage (deer jumps out in front of your vehicle)

Towing - does NOT have to be in results of an accident

Rental - Can only be used if an accident occurred.

Last but definitely not least UM under and uninsured motorist

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